Some Questions...

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Some Questions...

Mensagempor Zurca em Quinta Out 20, 2011 11:51

Hello Everyone,

Some time ago I've found the site of Abra. I have tried to read some things using a translation site on the Internet but that did not worked that good. So than I signed up here, hoping to get some answers on the questions that I have....

If I understand it well there are dogs in foster homes (CÃES em Fat), there are dogs in a doghotel (CÃES apadrinhados em hotel) but what about "CÃES pedidos externos" This are dogs from another organization? And than the dogs under "CÃES no canil", those ones have to put to sleep if the are not adopted?

I would like to know, the dogs that are not under "CÃES no canil", are the save? Or is there still a risc for all the dogs to be put to sleep?

And than about adopting a dog when you're not living in Portugal. I have read that the dogs will be tested on diseases, but which diseases? And the dog will be chiped and gets vaccinations but will the dog also be castrated/sterilized?
I'm living in The Netherlands, is there an organization here that works with Abra to get a dog adopted here? If not than how is it arranged with aftercare? There is always the possibility that you adopt a dog and it does not work with that dog in your family....than what?

I'm sorry for al my questions but I'm hoping that someone can help me!

Kind regards,
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Re: Some Questions...

Mensagempor PATINHAS em Quinta Out 20, 2011 20:57

Thank you for care. ABRA volunteer will explain all to you.
But dogs in kennel are the dogs that will be killed if they dont find a owner.
PLease help dogs in risk!´
You can be a godmother and help their going to a hotel.
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Re: Some Questions...

Mensagempor raquelp em Sexta Out 21, 2011 21:20

Hello Zurca,
The dogs in "CÃES pedidos externos" are outside requests. How it works, sometimes citizens that found some animals or have an animal in house but can't keep the animal with them so they ask Abra if a photo of that animal can be put in the site to spread the information that the animal is looking for a new home. In this cases the contact is done directly with this person and not with Abra, that's why in most of them we put the contact of the person that asked for help.

The dogs in FAT and in Hotel is not certain that they can't be asleep. If an animal is in a FAT but for some reason the family can't keep the animal any longer and if no other FAT appears the animal might return to the kennel. If an animal is in the hotel but the monthly payment can't no longer be assured, then the animal might return to the kennel if there are no one else to assure the payment in the hotel.

The dogs in "CÃES no canil", are the ones that are more in risc to be asleep if they are not adopted or if any FAT appears or someone that could pay the stay in the hotel.

Concerning the adoption out of Portugal we have a partnership with a German association called 4 Happy Paws that takes care about all the process for the adoption for Germany and neighbors countries. In this case we advise to contact them through their web site, you can find the link in our homepage.
However before an animal go to other country some blood test are done to test some diseases: erlichiosis, babesiosis, rickettsiosis and leishmaniosis. The vaccine for rabies is given to the animal and after the result of the test blood the animal is castrated. The costs of these procedures need to be paid by the adopter.

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Re: Some Questions...

Mensagempor Zurca em Quinta Out 27, 2011 12:28

Thanks for this information!
I will get in contact with that German association about adoption.

Are there people here that work at the hotel where the dogs of Abra being held?
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